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Help: Code releasing

Which are the advantages of a freed telephone (unlocked)?
- A freed telephone resells on average 30% of more than one blocked telephone because your telephone is addressed has customers much broader.

- If you leave has the foreigner, you will carry out incredible economies by using a SIM card of the country in which you go. You do not pay any more when you receive calls.

- You can change operator in all simplicity.

Which is the procedure to make free its telephone?
It is very simple, GSM Unlocker provides you a code of releasing which it will be enough to compose on the keyboard to your telephone. It is as simple as that.

Does your telephone use a sub-network like the Nine, Debitel, Virgin Mobile, Leclerc.?
GSM Unlocker also frees these telephones, it is enough to select the operator used by the sub-network. For example if your telephone is blocked on Debitel then select SFR, if it is blocked on TF1 Mobile then select Bouygues, if it is blocked on Mobile Crossroads select Orange.

Is there a danger to the telephone?
There does not exist any danger when you free your telephone by code (or by universal chart).

If your code of releasing is not available?
In the event of unavailability of your code of releasing, please carry out settings has days free since our software GSM Unlocker in order to free the recent telephones.

Or is serial number (IMEI) of your telephone?
Your serial number is on the back of the battery of your telephone, you can also obtain it by composing *#06# on your GSM

For what is used it to free its telephone?
By freeing your telephone, you will be in measurement to use your telephone on all the networks. If you travel has the foreigner, you will carry out important economies then because you will be able to use a SIM card of the foreign country

Is it legal to free your telephone?
Yes, it is legal to free your telephone

How to use GSM Unlocker?
Grace has its simplified interface you can use the software very easily, you do not need to proceed has an installation, all handling are very clearly to explain in the assistance, to use simplicitée GSM Unlocker with an extreme.

Your telephone come from abroad, does we are able to free it?
Yes if your telephone is of brand: HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens

Did you already try to free your telephone?
If you seized 3 erroneous codes in a Nokia then definitively locked it to you, in this case you can free it with GSM Unlocker.

It is true that it is a formidable and very useful tool for the portable releasing of telephones Mathieu BEZIAU
Now one could not this pass any more from GSM Unlocker. One effecue of the releasings very quickly, it is brilliant! One very soon will start has to make releasing for our customers. Marie HEBERT
I am very satisfied with software GSM Unlcoker I have already to resolve several models successfully, very easy has to use!.
Frédéric MARTIN
GSM Unlocker is really a good software. It enabled us really to provide a service of releasing. Finished the releasings online too expensive!! Moreover, we can use it on all brands and models of mobile graces to the settings has days!
Philippe KAISER
GSM Unlocker is brilliant, it makes it possible to work with same comfort at the office as in displacement or from the house.
Fabrice LONGO