Terms & Conditions


The conditions apply between the purchaser defines by “the customer”, “you”
and the salesman having “us” for company name: debloquersonportable.com


The delivery period of the code varies from 1 to 2 days (unless otherwise specified at the time of the choice of your operator), except weekend and bank holidays. The time runs starting from the validation of the payment and its acceptance.
The delivery period of the code of releasing is set as an indication, it cannot in no case to cause an application for repayment. The average time observed is of 48H worked.
We commit ourselves doing our utmost in order to deliver the code as soon as possible.


The customer becomes acquainted and accepts that in the event of error on the information transmitted during the ordering, it is impossible for us to cancel and refund the order, consequently it is asked to you to check well the data of your order before validating the form.
If the code or handling does not function, we ask you not to insist several times. That could cause the final blocking of the telephone.
We invite you to contact us as fast as possible in order to carry you assistance. No refunding is possible in the event of blocking of the telephone had with multiple unfruitful handling.


We deliver an electronic service, quite immaterial. There is thus no time of retractation which applies in this field. In order to deliver our service as fast as possible, this one is treated in way automated.
Consequently, once the order validated (paid) by the customer, it is impossible for us to cancel this order, the customer will have to thus expect the end of the process. The customer will be refunded only in the event of nonavailability of the code.


Refunding is carried out in the form of Re-credit of your Paypal account (or bank card), once all the stages of checks will have been carried out by our care. The application for repayment is not possible that within the 50 days limit after the date of reception of the payment.
The customer becomes acquainted and accepts that in the event of failure of the code or provided handling, all means will be put in work so that its mobile phone is freed and that refunding is not possible only in the event of nonavailability of the code.
In the event of application for repayment for favour not done, the customer will have to provide the material proof of the failure of the code or handling by providing a VIDEO PROOF establishing failure of the releasing.
In order to be admissible this VIDEO PROOF will have obligatorily to respect the points according to:
- To type *#06# on the keyboard of the telephone in order to display on the screen of the portable the visible IMEI of manner and to wait 5 seconds.
- If an operator at summer specified during the ordering, the video will have to show the Logo of the operator to the starting of the telephone or to show that a chart sim known as operator is well accepted.
- To insert a chart sim not-accepted and to film well the message which appears then on the screen.
- To carry out the handling of releasing while entering, SLOWLY, the code of provided releasing. The code as each key of the keyboard in a hurry must be clearly visible on the video. If an error message appears, to wait 5 seconds in order to clearly see the error on the screen.
Each one of this information must be clearly visible in the video. Any fuzzy and nonprecise video will be directly refused thank you